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Truth be told, my kids don’t typically complain that they’re bored. Instead, they ask to watch TV or a movie. And… truth be told, our household watches more than our fair share of TV and movies.

For us, there’s a strong link between boredom and our TV/movie watching. It’s so easy for me to turn on the TV or put on a movie. I know it’s not ideal. I know it’s better for my children to be actively engaged in the world around them, rather than passively watch from the sidelines.

Play really does matter. I spoke with some of my favourite Aussie bloggers: Christie from; Debs from; and Kate from, to get their thoughts on how to get bored kids playing.

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(Unfortunately Kate’s internet connection got cut off during our chat, but hopefully we’ll have another chance to hear from her soon).

So, if your family is like mine, hopefully the strategies and ideas in the hangout will help your family play more. To help us, (*cough*… I really mean me), unplug the TV a bit more, I’ve also put together a list of ideas, perfect for those, “I’m bored” moments that may creep up during the day . Happy playing!


Activities for Children: Bored Kids


Discovery through Play by Lessons Learnt Journal


Discovery through Play
by Lessons Learnt Journal

Encouraging Independent Play
by Octavia and Vicky

How to encourage independent play by Octavia and Vicky
 Encouraging independent play by Childhood101

Encouraging Independent Play:
by Childhood 101


Art & Writing Centre
by Lessons Learnt Journal

 Art & Writing Centre by Lessons Learnt Journal
 Independent access to books by My Little Bookcase

Independent Access to Books
by My Little Bookcase 

Things to Save for Play
by Pickle Bums

Things to save for play by Pickle Bums
 9 ways to play outside

9 ways to play outside
by Childhood 101


Mud Play
by Mess for Less

Mud Play by Mess for Less
Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 12.09.26 AM

Chalk Rubbings
by Lessons Learnt Journal

Chalk Hop
by Lessons Learnt Journal

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 12.09.43 AM
Water Game Waterfall Lessons Learnt Journal (1)

Water Game: Waterfall
by Lessons Learnt Journal 

Lights Activity Box
by Lessons Learnt Journal

Lights Activity Box (1)
Balloon Play Lessons Learnt Journal (1)

Balloon Play
by Lessons Learnt Journal

Bubbles in a Bowl
by Lessons Learnt Journal

Bubble Game Lessons Learnt Journal (1)
 Building with plastic plates, cups and bowls at Learn with Play at home

Building with Plates & Cups
by Learn with Play at home

Cotton Ball Quick Fun
by Making Boys Men

Cotton Ball Quick Fun by Making Boys Men
 Paper Plane Challenge Lessons Learnt Journal

Paper Plane Challenge
by Lessons Learnt Journal

Sticky Board Story Telling
by My Little Bookcase

 Sticky-board Storytelling by My Little Bookcase
Bug filled sensory bin by Little Bins for Little Hands

Bug filled sensory bin
by Little Bins for Little Hands

Screen Free Activities
by Lets Lasso the Moon

Screen Free Activities by Lets Lasso the Moon

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