We live in a small home and I am grateful for what we have. As with any home, there are always some challenges. The needs of our family have changed dramatically within the last four years. Four years ago, it was just my husband and I. We had a room that was a “spare” room where we dumped stuff we didn’t often use, (like our exercise bike). Four years later, here we are, with four kids under four. Now there is no such thing as “spare” room.

Inspired by the wonderful e-course, Playful Learning Spaces by Playful Learning, I’m slowly creating playful learning spaces throughout our home with the goal of having special nooks in each room where things are readily available and attractive for our children to independently work, rest and play.

This first playful learning area is our writing centre and atelier.

Small Space Solutions for Playful Learning

Given our small home, creating a space to accommodate four desks and chairs required some lateral thinking.

Small Space Solutions for Playful Learning

Principal 1: Keep things readily available.

Small Space Solutions for Playful Learning

Principal 2: The art of display.

Small Space Solutions for Playful Learning

Here is the plan;

Small Space Solutions for Playful Learning

Create it and they will come.

Small Space Solutions for Playful Learning

An Update:

Some almost two years after first publishing this post, we are still using this writing space. We’ve made a few changes here and there. Come and see what it looks like now.

Organizing Tips for Playful Learning Spaces via Lessons Learnt Journal

N & M: 3 years, 9 months
E: 1 year, 8 months
K: 3 months
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