It has begun. I have seen countdowns to Christmas; (from memory it’s something like 6 weeks to go). Questions are humming in social circles about Christmas plans. Shopping lists are being drawn up, mentally if not physically. I’m already feeling overwhelmed.

Gifts. In my mind, there are two groups of people when it comes to gifts. Group 1 loves gifts. They always make much of receiving gifts; they talk about gifts; jump up and down when receiving gifts; ooh and aah as they open their gift. Group 2 in contrast, while polite and appreciate gifts, do not respond with great enthusiasm when they receive a gift.

Gifts. We can’t escape it.

Gifts. How do we make gift giving meaningful?



Gift Giving: 5 Tips for Meaningful Gift Giving

For meaningful gift giving, I have found it helpful to keep these 5 tips in mind:

  1. Gifts are genuine expressions of love.
  2. Gifts are neither deserved nor earned but rather freely given. (Don’t confuse children with, “You’d better be good because Santa is watching if you’ve been naughty or nice.” If presents are payment for good behaviour, or bribes, you should not call them gifts).
  3. Never take away a gift from children as a form of punishment. Doing this teaches them that they have to earn their gift and only deserve to have a gift if they’re good.
  4. Gifts are given simply for the benefit of the receiver.
  5. A gift reminds the receiver that they were thought about and loved.

It’s humbling to remember the most precious gift of all. God’s amazing gift to us is the forgiveness of our sins through Jesus. We don’t deserve this nor did we do anything to earn this. It’s a gift.


Nov 2012

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