DIY Christmas Gifts: Glitter Candles

Not all Christmas gifts have to come from the shops. Homemade gifts are often treasured for their personalised touches.


These glitter candles are a fun DIY gift project for all ages.

I love the look of glitter, but when it comes to the clean-up effort, glitter in the hands of kids is like putting fairy shrapnel into their hands. It gets everywhere!

However, we used glitter paint and I can testify that they were super easy for the kids to apply and next to painless in terms of cleaning up.


I also made a glitter candle. I applied PVA glue in segments so it didn’t dry before I added the glitter.

To finish off the glitter candles, I sprayed a coat of craft finishing sealer so that the glitter stays in place.


Remember to keep gift giving meaningful!


 Nov 2012

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