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Ball games are fun.

Ball games with ramps,


paddle wheels, gates, arches, motion sensitive beams that trigger off music and lights,


and let’s not forget the trampoline – now this is a whole new category of fun; the Fisher-Price® Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza™ kind of fun.




Giveaway: Fisher-Price® Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza™

First, things first; the awesome Fisher-Price® Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza™ requires 4 x C batteries and has to be put together. “This product may take between 45-60 minutes to assemble,” the sheet read. Really? Nah… Surely not. I think I could do it in half an hour, max. It’s just a matter of clicking the parts together. Readers, I stand corrected (and humbled!) It took me over and hour to put it all together. And each part needed to be screwed into place. Thank goodness I decided to put it all together without the kids around, after they went to bed.

Hubby (jokingly) said I should take a picture of my rather dishevelled self after I assembled it all. Sadly, I wasn’t brave enough. I went to bed late that night, but what I really want to tell you about is the morning after, as all my hard work at assembling was definitely worth the effort!

My three sons (preschool twins and a toddler) are early risers and usually come barging into our bedroom to wake us up. Not this particular morning. They saw the Fisher-Price® Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza™ and there was no barging into our bedroom.

There were balls. There were awesome ramps; lights; music; a paddle wheel; gates; and a trampoline that balls bounce off to get down and around the ramps.

Of course there was no barging into our bedroom that morning.


As if that weren’t awesome enough – the Fisher-Price® Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza™ is also designed for babies 6 months onwards. This means that our Miss K, who is crawling but not yet standing or walking can also play.

As she grows and reaches various motor milestones, the Fisher-Price® Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza™ will offer her new engaging ways to play. So, while she’s happy with dropping the balls onto the lower ramp for now, one day she too will be able to stand up and put the balls into the top so it will shoot out and bounce off the trampoline and down and around the ramps.

We’re super super excited to be giving away one Fisher-Price® Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza™ to one of our lovely readers.

For a chance to win, in the comments below, tell me “What would your child like about the Fisher-Price® Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza™?’. The competition is open to Australian residents and closes 5pm (AEDST) on the 19th December, 2012 . Please note the terms and conditions of the giveaway.


N & M: 4 years, 7 months
E: 3 years, 6 months
K: 1 year

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