What’s that I hear? Silence??? (And ringing in my ears from the noise of the day so far). All kids are down for an afternoon nap – that’s like scoring a wide parking spot right near the entrance to the shopping centre on a Saturday with no car behind me to pressure me as I attempt to reverse park my huge Toyota Kluger. With my relief that down time has finally arrived, I do however feel the ticking time bomb pressure of when one of them will wake up, so I type all this in haste, lest the time bomb explodes with a wail before I finish this post.

This week little E (who is 14 months old) started his own weekly books reading routine. I thought he would be too young to start, but he surprised me and the time together was really enjoyable.

To ease him into the weekly books routine, I choose books with textures, lift up flaps and short rhymes. We read them before his bedtime. He looks forward to our weekly books time – the walking down the corridor hand in hand to his room and snuggling together as we go through the books. He even demands more books, (a habit I think he has picked up from his older brothers), when we’ve finished the last book for the night. All the books used this week are tattered because they’ve been very well used by his older brothers when they were younger. I think that’s testimony enough for how great these books are: the more tattered, the more note worthy they are.

E’s books: Peekaboo by Baby Touch, Rhyme Book by Baby Touch, Five Little Ducks by Amazing Baby, That’s Not my Frog by Usborne’s Touchy Feely Books.




All the stories read this week with N&M were enjoyable, but notable books from N & M’s weekly books include one of their favourite book characters, Grug. Do you remember Grug? I adored Grug growing up. I remember being in the second grade and listening to Grug stories in class. I don’t quite know what it is about Grug that is so appealing, but it is. The other story worth a mention is the Wonkey Donkey. Such a silly, funny book. It’s not what you’d expect of a children’s book. Not to give too much away, but the donkey only has one eye, (there’s a bird holding his other eye in his beak), and there’s some flatulence involved. Lots of silliness and laughing was had. It’s not a classic children’s tale, but it is nice to have a silly funny book every now and then.

N & M’s books: Grug has a birthday by Ted Prior, The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith, Hairy Maclary Scattercat by Lynley Dodd, This Old Man by Child’s Play and The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm, God’s Big Promise Part 4. 




Phew! All kids are still asleep – huzzah!

** Read about the whys and hows of our weekly books routine by  clicking here. **

We are part of The Imagination Tree 5 a Day Books challenge.

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