Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. Precise spheres of beautiful colours that swirl and shimmer herald Spring to our garden. Squeals of delight ring through the air. In keeping with the spirit of free play, I set up the bubble machine and took myself to the sidelines of the garden and simply observed my children N, M and E in the foray of bubbles.


N & M armed themselves with water spray bottles. E with a plastic spoon. Air trapped in fragile, microscopically thin film of water didn’t stand a chance if they floated within reach of these three young boys.



It would have been good if I had thought of using the water spray bottles as part of the bubble popping frenzy. I could have written a wonderful play blog with a well sound rationale behind the use of such implements in play. This, is better. Because they had space to play, my three year old twin boys used their creativity, and I appreciate the creativity shown.




This play idea is brought to you by two three year old boys.

Babbalicious Spring Greetings
Equipment needed: spray bottles and bubbles.
How to play: pop the bubbles by squirting water from your spray bottle.



A variation of the above is brought to you by a one year old boy.

Babbalicious Spring Greetings for ones
Equipment needed: big plastic spoon and bubbles.
How to play: pop the bubbles with your big plastic spoon or your hand, head, arm or gorgeous pot belly.

 September 2011

Lessons Learnt Journal


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