Three p.m. After a full day of working, playing, feeding, cleaning, sorting out hissy fits and scuffles, three p.m. is the time I mentally and physically need a break. I need a cup of tea. My ears need some peace and quiet.

While my youngest two are usually asleep for their afternoon nap; three p.m. means nothing to my twin preschoolers. If anything, their need for activity and noise peaks at three p.m.

Dear readers, I am here to tell you of the wonders a colouring page and water paints can achieve at three p.m.

Town Colouring Page

What can we expect as children get started with colouring?

By the time a child is 4, he or she should be able to colour within the lines and no more than 0.6cms outside of the line. They should also almost entirely colour within the lines of a 10cm circle.

By the time they are 4.5 years old, they should use a static tripod grasp consistently when using a writing tool (e.g. pencil/paintbrush/crayon/marker).

As my twin preschoolers used their water paints to colour their towns, my eyes observed their fine motor skills, and my ears appreciated the peace and quiet of the moment. It was wonderful.

We want to share our happy 3 p.m. moment with you and your household; download our free printable town colouring page. We would love to hear about your 3 p.m. moments.


N & M: 4 years, 3 months

September 2012

Lessons Learnt Journal


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