Mothers Day came about because in 1908, Anna Jarvis decided to have a church service in memory of her own mother. Having lost a mother, and now being a mother of four, I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of mothers. The sacrifices, the love, the care mothers embody, are simply extraordinary.



DIY Bracelet: A Homemade Gift for Mothers Day from Kids

Mothers Day is about giving honour to mothers.

Each person will have their own way of expressing gratitude and honour to mothers, not just their own mothers but also mothers in general.

What sort of meaningful gifts do your children give? How do your kids show you that they love you? Hugs? Wanting to spend time with you? Loving words? Homemade gifts?


This DIY bracelet is a simple homemade gift for mothers that kids, as young as toddlers, can make to honour mothers.

To make your DIY bracelet, you’ll need some pipe cleaners and cheerios. Thread some cheerios through the pipe cleaner and wrap the pipe cleaners around to make a bracelet.


These DIY bracelets are cute. They’re something that young kids can realistically make. It’s a symbol of love and affirmation for mothers. It is meaningful, but honestly, these DIY bracelets, and any other gift can’t meet my deepest needs for affirmation.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bah-hum-bug person.  I love and appreciate meaningful gifts.

DIY Bracelet Mothers Day Gift LessonsLearntJournal 03

However, these gifts do not satisfy my deepest needs for affirmation.  My heart echoes Wendy’s post mothers’ day reflections:

“[I] will happily receive from my family and friends what they imperfectly give [me], knowing it won’t meet my deepest needs for affirmation, because [I ]know the One who will.” (Practical Theology for Women)

As much as I fight this and try to fill it with other things, I can’t escape this truth:

“Whom have I in heaven but you?

And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.

My flesh and my heart may fail,

but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” (Psalm 73:25-26 ESV)

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February 2013
N & M: 4 years, 8 months
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