My four plus years of motherhood as trained me with a special skill; I know how plates will look when they are returned to the kitchen, after a meal.

Pasta, noodles, rice and bread will generally not be on the plates when returned, (although crumbs may litter our dining area floor). Meat; may or may not be there. Vegetables; chances are they will be in the same spot.

Then there’s chocolate. Chocolate anything is in a whole category of its’ own. Plates, bowls or cups containing chocolate return scraped.



Chocolate Pudding Recipe


Do you really, really love chocolate pudding like us? Try our simple chocolate pudding recipe and see how your plates, bowls or cups return to the kitchen.


You will need:

1 cup milk, 2 tablespoons cornflour; 2 tablespoons cocoa powder; 2 tablespoons mini choc bits for cooking; 2 tablespoons sugar. 



Heat half the milk with the mini chocolate bits until all the chocolate has melted and the milk begins to boil.

Stir the remaining ingredients into other half of the (still cold) milk, until everything has dissolved.

Combine the cold milk mixture with the milk that is in the pot.

Keep stiring while bringing it to a boil again.

Pour the chocolate pudding into cups or small bowls.

Let it cool before digging in – (that’s the tricky bit, I know.)



Chocolate Pudding and Paul Klee

As we ate the delicious chocolate pudding, scraping out all that we could, we left white marks against a dark background.

We drew some white scribbles in our bowls, (while chocolate pudding was still being consumed).


Still at the table, I showed the boys a picture, “My Father, 1906” by Paul Klee. Here Paul Klee’s main picture, in white, shines out agains a dark background.

Obviously, Paul Klee’s reverse glass scratch painting is much more sophisticated art than our chocolate pudding art; but our chocolate pudding art was most delicious.




N & M: 4 years, 4 months
October 2012
Lessons Learnt Journal
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