The ABCs of Me: Meet the bloggers behind the blogs.

I used to scour books (of the paper form!) for ideas on how to spend our days as a young family. It was hard work, trying to find creative play and learning ideas. Enter the Imagination Tree. The Imagination Tree was my introduction to creative play and learning blogs. I never knew such things existed. Needless to say, I’ve been immersed in the world of creative play and learning blogs ever since.

Anna is the creator behind the mind blowing resource that is The Imagination Tree, (Blog of the Year in the MADs Awards 2011-2012).  Anna changed the way my family reads together. She changed the way we view play. As our family grows, the Imagination Tree continues to be an inspiration; but what I really love and admire is Anna’s humble, genuine and approachable manner.

I am so excited to bring to you the ABCs of Anna, from The Imagination Tree.


Anna from the Imagination Tree


Age: 33

Bed Size: King

Chore that you hate: Laundry

Dogs: Love em, but don’t have one

Essential start to the day: Coffee and prayer

Favorite colour: Duck egg blue

Gold or silver: Silver

Height: 5′ 7″

Instrument you play: Guitar

Job: Teacher

Kids: 3, 2, 12 weeks

Where do you Live ? London, Uk

Favourite Movie: The Holiday

Nickname: Annie

Overnight hospital stay: For babies!

Pet Peeve: People who spit in the street

Quote: Imagination is more important than knowledge (Einstein)

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: 3 older brothers

Time it takes you to get ready: 20 mins

Underwear: Yes, always! 

Vegetable you hate: Spinach

What makes you run late: Losing kids shoes

Xrays you’ve had: Chest (for enrolling on a scuba diving class)

Yummy food that you make: Lasagne

Zoo animal: Giraffe


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June 2012

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Pauline Pauline & Lessons Learnt Journal is all about life with kids. Pauline is an Aussie mum and teacher who shares her love for play, math games, writing and reading activities. She believes that #playmatters, values curiosity & wonder, wisdom, obedience and respect. She also needs naps. When not blogging, she may be found virtually hoarding on Pinterest, trying to decide which Instagram filter to apply, or compulsively refreshing her Facebook feed.