Do you have moments when you wished you had a pause button?

We’ve munched down our lunch, the table has been cleared and the dishes packed away. Mr E and Miss K are in their rooms having their afternoon naps.

Two pairs of wide eyes peep over the kitchen bench.

“Melted crayons?!” Memories of melted crayon art flashed through their minds as their excited little legs jumped up and down with excitement.

“Melted crayon Eggs?!” Eggs, real eggs; the stuff they love to crack when baking. Two skinny bottoms dance a jig. Oh, how lovely it would be to have a pause button so as to enjoy that moment of happy excitement just that little bit longer.



Easter Craft for Kids: Melted Crayon Eggs

These melted crayon eggs, (inspired by the amazing, are the perfect Easter craft for kids.

These melted crayon eggs involve much less noise and dare I say less effort? There aren’t any hair dryers involved, but there’s still the thrill of watching crayons melt. And just look at the lovely oozy mix of colours on these melted crayon eggs!


Hard boil the eggs. Place your eggs in a pot. Fill the pot with enough water so it’s an inch above the eggs. For every cup of water in the pot, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar.


Grate some crayons. Two tips to help keep your sanity: protect your work area by lining it with large pieces of paper; purchase a small grater for this because whatever grater you use will be near impossible to clean. You don’t need a whole lot of crayon shavings for these melted crayon eggs; less is more. Have the kids peel off the crayon paper and either you or your kids grate the crayons.


Work quickly while your hard boil eggs are hot. Place your hard boiled eggs on the working area and quickly place crayon shavings on the eggs. The crayon shavings will melt beautifully. You’ll have to work quickly to cover the eggs before they cool down.

Mr N and M silently marvelled as the crayon shavings melted; oh to have that pause button once again!

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N & M: 4 years, 9 months
Feb 2013


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