Easter egg hunts. There’s hiding. There’s seeking. There’s chocolate. What fun! But… do you have the (unpleasant) stray chocolate egg(s) that appear months later in the oddest of places because they weren’t found during the egg hunt at Easter? If you’ve never had an egg left behind, I want to hear from you. The part of me that squirms at the thought of chocolate eggs left behind for months begs you to please share your no egg left behind strategies.

We had an Easter egg hunt of our own and made play dough pinch pots as nests for our Easter Eggs.

To make your Easter Egg Nest:

Make a ball of play dough.

Poke a hole into the centre of the ball.

Pinch around the ball to make a pinch pot.

Pinching play dough is a great way to build up fine motor skills.

It works on finger strength, using both hands together and the pincer grasp.

Encourage children to pinch with their forefinger and thumb like a bird pecking food.

Place your eggs (chocolate or play dough) in your nest. How cosy.

Happy hunting!

N&M: 3 years, 10 months
E: 1 year, 9 months
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