God willing, there’s ten more weeks before we get to meet the new addition to the family. It feels like the calm before the storm. I recently attended a seminar on stress – how appropriate. The speaker said that one of the things people do when they’re stressed is to telescope their lives, ie truncate and distort their view on the time left to do things. So things need to be done right now even though you really do have time to do it and don’t need to rush to do it now. Perhaps I took this message to heart a bit too much? I haven’t done anything in preparation for the new addition yet. Or is the fact that I’m concerned about not having done anything actually telescoping? The next ten weeks will be interesting.

My energy levels are waning, but my sons have boundless energy, even at the end of the day when it’s our story time. Youth is a marvellous and mysterious thing. Although the next ten weeks (and beyond) will see some dramatic changes, I hope that we’ll keep our story time consistent. It’s a wonderful way to wrap up the day and spend time together as a family.

Here are our weekly books. I have marked our highly recommended books with an * and added them to the Lessons Learnt Journal Favourite Books List.

Cat by Matthew Van Fleet*  Last week we read Dog by Matthew Van Fleet. This book is the perfect sequel. Just like the other book, it has everything you love about a young children’s book: rhymes, pull tabs, flaps, textures and great illustrations. A very sturdy book for young ones and a fantastic first birthday or even baby shower gift.

Gossie by Olivier Dunrea* Cute describes this book. It illustrates the concept of friendship and sharing. Our boys like reading this book to themselves. It’s short enough for them to remember the plot. It’s wonderful to see them engaged in books individually. Did I mention how cute this book was? It’s so cute.

The Bear in the Cave by Michael Rosen It’s hard to beat a classic book like We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. This book, while entertaining, just doesn’t have the same magical rhythm and ring as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. That said however, we still enjoyed the book and N & M asked for the audio CD and listened to the story on their own throughout the week too.

Usborne Illustrated Fairy Tales, Sleeping Beauty. We have commenced our sons induction into the world of Fairy Tales. They aren’t so interested in the fairies and the princesses, but as soon as the Prince appears with his sword and mighty steed, eyes light up. Although I knew the main parts of the story of Sleeping Beauty, (ie a princess fell asleep and was rescued/woken up by a Prince after a very long time), I don’t think I’ve actually read the story in its entirety before. Did you know that Sleeping Beauty’s name is Rose and that when she fell into a deep sleep (at the tender age of 16), the entire castle was overgrown with roses? Do you know the name of the Prince that saved her? It’s an interesting name.


The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm, Another Very Sad Day Part 10. The word of God is amazing in its entirety, but there are some parts that have an extra wow factor because it just doesn’t happen everyday. This week we read about God sending fire down on Elijah’s water soaked altar. M’s response to this amazing event was, “Where’s Fireman Sam?”. N replied, “It’s the Bible. There’s no Fireman Sam”.


What are you reading this week? Are there any books that you adore and highly recommend?
Share the love and leave a comment, and don’t forget to check back for responses.

N & M: 3 years 4 months
E: 15 months

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