I found a new use for my Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker.

It does a fantastic job of mixing paint. I used it to create watery acrylic paint.

We had watery acrylic paint, paint brushes and spray bottles filled with water.
We were ready for some watery painting.

While E discovered the wonders of watery paint in a non-spill cup (brilliant inventions),

we sprayed our paper with water.

We are going to use our watery painting as the background for another art project.
We painted blue for sunny skies.

Green for grass.

We dabbed blotches of yellow and pink to help blend the horizon.


N & M’s watery paint background looked fantastic – then I stuffed it up. I took it outside to dry, but instead of placing it flat to dry, I hung it vertically (because it was so wet and I’m impatient). Of course, the paint dripped down and the lovely watery blotches were lost. Sorry N & M!

Lesson Learnt: Art can’t be rushed. Hang wet paintings flat and be patient.

Stay tuned to see the next part of this art project. Hopefully I won’t stuff things up again.

N&M: 3 years, 4 months
E: 15 months

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