Having been through three pregnancies in the last three years, I confess that elastic pants have been my clothing staple. Oh, but Spring is in the air and wedding season has taken off with gusto!  I have forgotten how much dressing can be. Contrary to my previous beliefs – dressing up boys is fun. Pop a shirt and tie on them and ladies… be ready to swoon!

The hectic start to October has given our normal reading routine a few punches in the stomach. We only managed to have three consistent books over this week, but the boys enjoyed our reading time, even while rubbing their eyes and fighting off the fatigue from the day’s excitement.

Our weekly books: The Wheels on the Bus by Child’s Play*; Mr McGee and the Big Bag of Bread by Pamela Allen*; The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm, Going Into God’s Place Part 8. (I have marked our highly recommended books with an * and added them to the Lessons Learnt Journal Favourite Books List).

The Classic Books with Holes from Child’s Play, of which The Wheels on the Bus is a part, is great fun. N & M enjoy singing the songs and E participates imitating the actions. We’re continuing the zoo theme with Mr McGee and the Big Bag of Bread by Pamela Allen. A comical story with rhymes and enough repetition for N & M to participate. Bless authors like Pamela Allen – their ability to write stories that engage and entertain children is such a gift.



N: 3 y.o.
M: 3 y.o.
E: 15 months

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