My boys are now truly at that age and stage when a day does not go past without them asking/nagging me for my phone. I’ve now placed a number passcode on it so they can’t sneakily take my phone and hide in a corner to play. Still, I am keen to work with what interests and engages them; so I came up with this preschool math numeral game, which, much to their delight, involves them using my phone!

Preschool Math Quick Random Numeral Game via Lessons Learnt Journal 05

Learning to recognise numerals correctly may take longer than most of us think. Providing children with playful, quick numeral games, makes their learning process easier. 

You’ll need to find an app which generates random numbers. A quick search, and I found plenty of free random number generator apps, which did the job. Look for ones where you can limit the range of the random numbers.

Preschool Math Quick Random Numeral Game via Lessons Learnt Journal 02

You’ll also need some counters or other small objects for counting, and some small containers for children to place their counters all small objects in (we used cupcake liners).

Preschool Math Quick Random Numeral Game via Lessons Learnt Journal

The game is very straight forward. Take turns using the app to generate a random number; say your given number; then place the corresponding number of counters into your cupcake liner. The person with the most number of counters after a given time wins the game.

Preschool Math Quick Random Numeral Game via Lessons Learnt Journal 04

Extension Activity: Kids need to be familiar with the forward and backward number sequence, and be able to count from any given number. Challenge kids to say the number before or after the random number generated.

After more hands on, playful ways to learn math? Browse through our many early math games.

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November 2013
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