Welcome to our Early Math Games Series for easy and fun math games to develop and support early numeracy skills.

Our last early math game, Mummy and Baby Dinosaurs, focused on counting and numeral identification. Children learn best when presented with a variety of games that reinforce the same mathematical concept. Today we will continue with another math game that focuses on numeral identification.

Math Games Teen Bingo Lessons Learnt Journal (1)

Bingo is such a versatile game; you can use it to reinforce so many different concepts. This math game, Teen Bingo is great for kids who can identify and name numerals from zero to ten, but may not necessarily be able to identify and name all the numerals to twenty.

Math Game: Teen Bingo

Focus: Math Number, Numeral Identification

Desired Results: Name and identify numerals 11-20;

Pre-Test: Display a set of numeral cards from 11 to 20, in random order. Ask the child to point to a given numeral. Can the child identify any or all the numerals from 11 to 20? Select a numeral card from 11 to 20. Can the child name any or all the numerals from 11 to 20 with the correct naming of number words in the ‘teens’?

Evidence of Learning: The child is able to identify and name all the numerals from 11 to 20, with the correct naming of number words in the ‘teens’.

When working with young children, remember to:

  • Show them how to do the task before expecting them to complete the task independently.
  • Limit the range of numbers being presented when introducing a new mathematical idea.
  • Provide children with a variety of early math games, which repeat the same mathematical understanding (e.g. countingnumeral identificationsubitising, etc).

Teaching & Learning Experiences:

Download and print out our free printable Math Game: Teen Bingo.

  • One page has all the numerals from 11-20; cut these out and place them into a box.
  • I have also provided two pre-made bingo sheets with the numerals 11-20 randomly placed in a table.
  • There is also a blank bingo sheet template so that you can quickly create your custom made bingo sheet with numerals your child may need more practice with.

Math Games Teen Bingo Free Printable Lessons Learnt Journal

As each card is drawn out of the box, name the number. Ensure the correct naming of number words in the ‘teens’, (not to be confused with numbers ending in -ty).

Stamp the corresponding number on the teen bingo sheet. A numeral may be placed several times on a given bingo sheet. Encourage children to be thorough as they find the corresponding number on their teen bingo sheet.

The game is completed when all the numbers on their teen bingo sheet has been stamped.

Math Games Teen Bingo Lessons Learnt Journal a (1)

Mr N&M are highly competitive, a trait exacerbated by being twins. When playing this game I remind them that it’s about finishing, rather than being the fastest.

You could use counters to cover the numbers, but my boys love using stamps. There’s only 2 of them, (unlike a class of 20), so I indulge them.

Math Games Teen Bingo Lessons Learnt Journal b (1)

Extension Activity: Kids need to be familiar with the forward and backward number sequence, and be able to count from any given number. Challenge kids to stamp the number before or number after the card drawn from the box.

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N&M: 5 years
June 2013
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