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Don’t you just love it when kids ask to do some work? Sure, it takes a whole morning of letting them move their energetic bodies around, and of you sorting out squabbles, but hey – we have reached this point in the day when younger siblings have their afternoon naps and yes, they ask to do some quiet work. Wow. It’s time for one of our play kits for quiet time, (accompanied by a mandatory cuppa for mummy).

Here’s a quick re-cap if you’re new to our play kits for quiet time:

I still remember my despair when N and M stopped having their afternoon naps. Once I got over the shock of it all, I realised it was actually quite a nice opportunity to make time for them, working, playing and resting with them, while Mr E and Miss K napped.

During this time in the afternoon, we would do some quick literacy or math work (max 15 minutes), followed by an undisclosed amount of time watching TV or playing games on the iPhone or iPad; yep, I said it. This still happens now and then, but since I’ve started putting these play kits for quiet time together, I’m surprised by how quickly an hour of screen free time passes by.

Each play kit for quiet time includes:

{BOOKS}: A variety of non fiction and fiction books – provides opportunities for modelled reading.

{FINE MOTOR ACTIVITY}: To build up their pre-writing skills.

{PROBLEM SOLVING / CREATIVE ACTIVITY}: These skills are often overlooked, yet it’s so important to foster these skills as they enable deeper levels of thinking.

There’s certainly value in independent work, but these play kits for quiet time aren’t put together with the aim of having children be entertained and engaged independently. Rather, these play kits for quiet time provide opportunities to work with children, to model new skills to them, to work and play with them, and all done in a relatively quiet manner, (because the rest of the household is napping).

Here are the contents of this play kit for quiet time:

{FINE MOTOR ACTIVITY}: Exploring painting tools. We had so much fun with this. A simple, open ended art activity for kids. A great way to build up fine motor skills.

Play Kit for Quiet Time Exploring Painting Tools via Lessons Learnt Journal

{PROBLEM SOLVING ACTIVITY}: Cat And Mouse GoGetter. The boys received this game from a friend for their birthday present. I am seriously impressed with this game. It’s such a simple concept yet challenging. It’s so fun to watch the boys figure out the puzzle and there are so many different challenges and levels of challenges too. I want to have a turn playing, but the boys always seem to want to play with it.

GoGetter Cat and Mouse via Lessons Learnt Journal


Down the Back of the Chair
Where the Wild Things Are
Alexander's Outing
Human Body: The Animated 3-D Guide [With Poster]

What quiet activities that work really well in your home? After more play kits for quiet time? Click HERE. I’ll be sharing play kits for quiet times regularly here, (hopefully on a weekly basis), so watch this space.

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September 2013
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