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This is why we will be giving away two $150 vouchers to use at any Clarks store in New South Wales and Victoria to two of our lovely readers . . .

Unlike my children, I only have three childhood photo albums. Back in the day when we used film, (remember those?), every click was more carefully composed before being taken. In my handful of childhood photo albums, I spot one that captures my parents’ amazing sacrificial love.

Like so many families in Australia, we were a migrant family. We did not have much when we moved here. My parents did not have jobs lined up and we lived off their savings, which could only stretch so far. We lived with a generous Aunt and her family for a few months till we found our feet.

This particular photo was taken on my first day at my new school in Australia. I had pigtails. I did not have my school uniform yet. I wore my good second hand clothes, similar to the school’s colours. My feet however were adorned with new, shiny leather Clarks school shoes.

I, at age 6, knew that those Clarks school shoes were special. For starters – they were brand new! A lady measured my feet and picked those shoes out just for my feet and they were oh so comfy.

Now as an adult, with my own children, looking back at that old photo, I appreciate those first brand new Clarks school shoes even more. I am floored by the sacrifice my parents made so that I could have those new shoes; especially given our financial situation at the time.


This is why we will be giving away two $150 vouchers to use at any Clarks store in New South Wales and Victoria to two of our lovely readers . . .

We did not have much, yet my parents saw the value of those new Clarks school shoes. And today, close to some three decades later, I get to write a sponsored post for Clarks. I feel so utterly humbled.

When I was growing up, Clarks was renowned for being the expert shoe fitters for children. This has not changed and now I get to bring my kids to Clarks for their expert shoe fitting.

What is involved in figuring out the perfect fit for healthy feet? The Clarks 10-Step Check* is so thorough; it makes me appreciate the Clarks fitting service and shoes even more.


This is why we will be giving away two $150 vouchers to use at any Clarks store in New South Wales and Victoria to two of our lovely readers . . .

Although Christmas has not officially arrived, your minds may already be thinking of post-Christmas sales. Before you hit the stores for new school shoes for the New Year, I beg you to think of the value of the perfect fit for your children’s feet. Don’t be tempted (like me), to buy the next size up in the name of prudence. If a child’s shoe is of excessive length, the shoe is not the right fit. Kids spend 8 hours a day for around 200 days per year in their school shoes. That’s over 1,600 hours of walking, running, skipping, combing and jumping.

Ill-fitting shoes feel terrible. With trained fitters in stores across the country offering advice on its expert fitting process, Clarks is dedicated to making back-to-school shoe shopping easier, helping you to find the perfect fit. The Clarks back-to-school range offers 184 sizes and 6 width fittings, meaning there’s something to suit every foot.


We’ll be getting Mr N and Mr M’s feet fitted by Clarks in the first week of January, 2013. Although they are twins, they are unique and so are their feet. I wonder which Clarks school shoes will be their perfect fit?

Keep your eyes on the Lessons Learnt Journal on Facebook in early January because I will be very excitedly, (slash chaotically), giving you dear readers live snapshots of our Clarks shoe fitting experience; (think four kids under five in a shoe store with a zillion other kids and their parents – now that’s entertainment!). Don’t forget, we will be giving away two $150 vouchers to use at any Clarks store in New South Wales and Victoria to two of our lovely readers, so stay tuned!


To find your nearest Clarks store and to find out more information,
visit: and like Clarks on Facebook.


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* The Clarks 10-Step Check:

Clarks has trained fitters around the country offering advice on the following 10-step expert fitting process:

1) Heel Grip: with the child seated, pull firmly to ensure no heel slip;
2) Width: with the child standing, make sure the shoe shape suits the foot shape. Feel for excess pressure on the little toe;
3) Depth: make sure there is enough depth. Remember that too many creases equal too much depth;
4) Length: make sure the child is standing correctly. Feel for the longest toe. There should be approx. 15mm growing room (the width of your thumb);
5) Arch: make sure the shoe cradles the arch;
6) Toplines: the ankle bone must be clear of the topline. This may not be necessary if the topline is padded. Make sure the shoe fits neatly against the foot;
7) Back: the shoe must fit snugly around the heel;
8 ) Instep Bars: ensure enough holes for adjustment or velcro must grip firmly;
9) Walking: the age-old walking test around the shoe store is still a valid method for reviewing the shoe’s fit If you know what you’re looking for, check to see how well your child’s walking, if they feel comfortable and make sure there’s no heel slip;
10) Laces: when fastened correctly, the lacing gap on your child’s shoes should be no wider than the width of you finger (approx.15mm).

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