I feel like a mad scientist. Glue gun in one hand. An assortment of curious fiddly things sprawled out before me. Empty bottles waiting to be filled with bold liquids. The creation of a new discovery (bottle) awaits! Eeeek!! Making these is so much fun.

Here are two new discovery bottles to add to our collection.

Bubbles Discovery Bottle:

Dishwashing Liquid
Yellow powered tempera paint
Coloured matchsticks

Baby Play Bubbles Discovery Bottle Lessons Learnt Journal (1)

Dancing Yarn Discovery Bottle:

Coloured yarn
Coloured beads

Baby Play Dancing Yarn Discovery Bottle Lessons Learnt Journal (1)

Little E made up a tenpin bowling game. He lined up our discovery bottles, found a soft toy ball and in true Little E fashion (with much influence from his older twin brothers to be sure), he threw the soft toy ball at the bottles with all his might.

Baby Play Discovery Bottles Lessons Learnt Journal 01 (1)

Because the ball was so soft and the bottles quite heavy, most remained standing. MUAH HA HA  HA! Not for long! Reminiscent of the mighty Hulk, Little E got in amongst the bottles and whoosh! With a few swings of his little arms the bottles conceded victory to Little E.

Baby Play Discovery Bottles Lessons Learnt Journal 02 (1)

Check out our other discovery bottles.

E: 1 year, 7 months

Lessons Learnt Journal

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