In our art cupboard lives a box.

This box is filled with bits and bobs – stuff my thrifty voice argues should not be thrown out. There are patty pans; feathers; coloured tissue paper; coloured paper; coloured cardboard; stickers; pipe cleaners; buttons.

This box is my go-to box when I look at the clock in disbelief. It’s only 10:30am?! How can it only be 10:30am?! We’ve had our usual morning outing. We’ve worked. We’ve played. We’ve rested. How can it only be 10:30am?!

My hands rummage through our art cupboard to find our bits and bobs box.



It’s a very laissez faire experience.


Create a background. Make marks: scribbles, lines, dots.



Dig through the bits and bobs box.


Select your bit and bob of choice for pasting.



Tear and cut.


Ah – pasting. N&M (almost 4) use the brush to paste, but E (almost 2) relishes the feel of paste through his hands and fingers.



Stick it.


Sticking things onto other things.



The end product is not what matters.


Let them explore, experiment and discover.


 N&M: 3 years, 11 months
E: 1 year, 10 months
May 2012


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