I’ve heard that a little change is as good as a holiday. Holidays are grand undertakings for our young family; so I’ll embrace whatever little changes we can make to our home life to keep things interesting.

My kitchen assistant, an old baby bath tub filled with rice does well most days. The kids can be easily entertained for a substantial amount of time while I get meals together. Sometimes though, the old baby bath tub filled with rice just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t interest the kids one bit. (I know… the nerve!)

I embrace the thought that a little change is as good as a holiday and let the kids play an incredibly simple water game called waterfall.




Water Game: Waterfall


Before I give you the particulars of this game, some notes of warning. You can take this game outside, or if you don’t mind playing it inside, you may get water over your bench or floor. Water play is a great kitchen activity and my kids enjoy playing this water game in our kitchen. Also, a safety note regarding the small small items (coins) used in this game. These small items may constitute a choking risk for small children and require close adult supervision.



Whenever we pass by any pond, fountain or well, there are always coins to be found in the water. This water game is a mini version of our fascination with putting coins into water.


You’ll need: coins; a small container (like a cup or bowl); water. If you’re playing this game on your kitchen bench like us, use a large baking tray to contain the water overflow. This makes cleaning up much easier.


Fill the small container almost to the brim with water. Give each child a good supply of coins. Take turns dropping a coin into the small container. (You could even make a wish with each coin drop). The game ends when someone drops in the coin that makes the water overflow.




Simple and fun to the core: my kind of play!


E: 2 years, 4 months
October 2012


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