Add some colour to the bubbles and make some beautiful easy art.


Art with Bubbles

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Blowing bubbles is the bread and butter of childhood memories. It’s calming and fun. Add some colour to the bubbles and make some beautiful easy art.

You will need large sheet(s) of white paper; masking tape; food colouring; bubble soap and bubble blowing wands. (See our DIY Bubble Mix Recipe or DIY Baby Bath Bubble Solution recipe for bubble soap).

Set up the invitation to play:

Tape a large sheet of paper somewhere so that it’s at your child’s height. (I placed our broom across a gap between our garden hedges and taped paper onto the hanging broom).

Make coloured bubble solution by mixing a small amount of food colouring into the bubble soap. Be warned that food colouring may stain, so it may be wise for children to wear protective clothing or clothing that you don’t mind getting stained.


The stronger the bubble solution, the better; (or you will end up with many ‘spray’ splats from failed bubbles).

This is a great group activity. The boys really enjoyed working together making art; that alone is priceless.

N, M and E learnt that the closer they stood to the paper, the easier it was for the bubbles to land on the paper. Some bubbles popped quickly once they touched the paper; other more stubborn bubbles required popping – what a joyful task that was!




N & M: 4 years, 1 month
E: 2 years
June 2012
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