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My name is Pauline. I’m an Aussie Mum who is utterly enthusiastic about fabulous activities for children, (and I need naps!). I am a Christian, Wife, Mother and Primary School Teacher. Lessons Learnt Journal is all about life with kids. Lessons Learnt Journal promotes creative ways to work, rest and play with children, supporting parents as they grow in their life with kids.

I believe that play matters. I strive to make learning fun rather than a tedious means to an end. I value an attitude of care and attention, curiosity and wonder.

I will spend my lifetime learning wisdom, obedience and respect.

I share about my love for play, math games, writing, reading; parenting confessions; and anything else that I am wildly excited about.

Personal Notes:

I’m an Aussie mummy to three boys and one girl. My boys would typically rather jump onto a crash mat than be sitting on it. There’s a Triceratops on my bedside table; every now and then one of my sons will insist on being called Superman; Batman was one of daughter’s first words. Being a mother to my four children is simultaneously a source of great joy and unbelievable frustration. I’m always experimenting. I’m always learning.

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I only share things that engage my children, things we love. I believe that #playmatters and journal our play here. Additionally, you will find easy to use teaching resources for reading, writing and math.

Keep in Touch:

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When not blogging, I may be found virtually hoarding on Pinterest, trying to decide which Instagram filter to apply, or compulsively refreshing my Facebook and Google+ feeds. Most days you’ll find me chasing my kids and that much needed nap. 

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Please note that this blog is only a snippet of our family life. We don’t creatively work, rest and play all day. There’s plenty of TV watching, gaming and hissy fits not captured on this blog.

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We are PR Friendly:

Lessons Learnt Journal is PR Friendly. We accept compensation and products. If you would like Pauline to share your company, product, or services on Lessons Learnt Journal, please contact her for a media kit.

We were nominated in KidSpot’s Village Voices, Voices of 2013 and 2014, and voted in Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Teacher Moms of 2012.

Parental Supervision:

Unless otherwise stated, each of the activities shared on this blog require adult supervision at ALL times.

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