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As a teacher, one of the most exciting (and in my case, possibly frantic) tasks, is setting up a classroom. How should the environment be set up to assist learning? What should be constantly available for students? I think visual prompts to assist reading skills certainly belong to a section of the classroom.


Reading: When Children Don’t Know The Word

When a child is learning to read, they often come across words they don’t know. Here are some useful questions to help children figure out those new words.

  1. Can I sound it out?
  2. What is the first sound?
  3. Do I know any other sounds?
  4. Do I know the sounds of some groups of letters?
  5. Can I look for a little word in the bigger word?
  6. Re-read the sentence.
  7. What word would make sense? Does it match the print? Try it out.
  8. Read on to the end of the sentence. Think about a word that would make sense.
  9. Look at the pictures.
  10. Do I know a word that looks like this one?
  11. Can I change some letters to make a word I know?

These questions would also be helpful to have readily at home as children practise and integrate their reading skills and strategies.

Click here for a free printable of the above reading strategies when children don’t know the word. (In the free printable PDF version, the words “free printable” have been removed).

Reading When Children Dont Know A Word 02 (1)


May 2013


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