With three boys in our home, there’s a whole lot of jumping, thumping, simulated battles and the like. There’s not a whole lot of crafting going on here, so when I get the chance to craft or learn a new craft, I relish it.

You should have heard my internal squeal of delight when one such crafting opportunity came during a church women’s bible group meeting. A group of university students were visiting us at the time and one of the girls showed us how to make paper flowers. I beamed from ear to ear (and did somersaults of joy within).



Paper Flowers for Valentines Day

With Miss K sitting on my hip in her sling, I happily tried to learn how to make paper flowers with one and a half hands, (Miss K would let me have my other hand every now and then). The fact that I could make these paper flowers with an active baby strapped to my hip is testament to how easy these paper flowers are to make.

Watch my video tutorial and see just how easy it is to make these paper flowers.

Paper Flowers for Valentines Day from Pauline LessonsLearntJournal on Vimeo.

The girl who showed us how to make these paper flowers said she made a whole bunch for wedding decorations. Nothing sparks creativity as much a wedding, wouldn’t you agree? Then again, perhaps it’s not the wedding per say that sparks creativity as much as love, (which the wedding day is centered upon).

Speaking of love, Valentines Day is fast approaching. I’m not one who normally embraces Valentines Day; “It’s so commercial,” I would have declared in the past. However, I think age (and the many years of lovely Valentines Days with my husband), has mellowed me somewhat.

Valentines Day is great day for declaring and showering love to those around you.

The Valentines Day crafting possibilities with these paper flowers are endless: decorate a handmade Valentines Day card with a paper flower or two; adorn your Valentines Day gift with a mini posy of paper flowers; or place a bouquet of paper flowers on the table for that special Valentines Day meal.

I wonder how my three jumping, thumping, battle simulating sons will use these paper flowers this Valentines Day. How do you celebrate Valentines Day?

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N&M: 4 years, 7 months
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January 2013


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