craft. /kraft/. noun. An activity involving skill in making things by hand.

When crafting with my children, my goal is to provide them a wide range of experiences.

I want them to know there is no wrong way to do craft.

It is building, expressing and observing. It’s about exploring materials and techniques, rather than to simply complete projects.



Gather the materials for your paper fort:

  • Electrical tape, assorted colours;
  • Scissors;
  • Coloured prism board paper, assorted colours, cut into squares.




  • Make stripe cards by sticking electrical tape on the paper squares.
  • Experiment with different lines. Try some diagonal, vertical or horizontal lines. Place them the same distance apart or varying distances. Try overlapping some lines.
  • Try different colours and observe how background makes a difference. Which combinations have the best contrast? Let your child explain which colour combination is their favourite and why they chose it.


Build your paper craft fort:

  • At each side of the square; cut a 1cm line in the middle.
  • Using these small incisions, slide the cards into one another to build your paper fort.



 N & M: 4 years
June 2012

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