DIY Cute Crayons

Ever since our melted crayon art, N & M have been asking to melt crayons every couple of days. We finally melted crayons again this week, but instead of melting crayons onto a piece of paper, I thought we’d try melting crayons into some silicone moulds.

We broke up some crayons

 and placed them into the moulds.

Then we put our hair dryer to work. We used a low fan setting so the crayons didn’t blow away.

We waited for the crayons to set.

After a few minutes, when the crayons had hardened again, we popped them out of the moulds and wow – we had some really cute crayons!

M created some crayon grapes.

N created some crayon ducklings.

They admired their crayon creations,

played with them,

and rearranged them around a bit.

Who would have thought melting stuff with a hair dryer could be so fun?

We may try chocolate next. Yum.

N & M: 3 years, 4 months.

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