What makes a family? Proximity. Proximity makes a a family. The actual line is, “… proximity makes you a parent,” from my latest favourite BBC drama series Call the Midwife, but I am convinced proximity also makes a family.

Kids Beds for Small Spaces Lessons Learnt Journal (2)

When my family is separated by distance, there is an innate feeling that something is amiss; there’s a yearning to be closer. Perhaps it’s because in our current stage of life, proximity to each other is just a state of being. (Miss K practically lived on my hip her first year of life).

Our home has been described in many ways; cosy, practical and functional being my favourites. We, (four kids, two adults) live in a three bedroom home.

Our three boys share a bedroom. We had their beds custom made. There aren’t that many triple bunk beds available at the shops, and as we found out after many weeks of shopping, to find one that fits the measurements of their room was impossible.

They love the stairs that leads to the top bunk.

Kids Beds for Small Spaces Lessons Learnt Journal 02 (2)

They love their superheroes.

Kids Beds for Small Spaces Lessons Learnt Journal 03 (2)

They love their fairy lights.

Kids Beds for Small Spaces Lessons Learnt Journal 04 (2)

No matter how many fights they’ve had with each other, as each day draws to a close, they say their prayers together. Together, they blow their goodnight kisses to Miss K. Tucked under their blankets, they all rest together.

As their mother, I hope that proximity in these formative years will forge a strong brotherly bond; one that will help them through the rest of their days.

Kids Beds for Small Spaces Lessons Learnt Journal 05 (2)


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