Create a playful space for babies (and beyond) by setting up a simple sticky-back paper collage. It seriously takes less than a minute to set up and provides countless moments of creating, play and discovery. Awesome much?

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We love play of all types, but I make it a point to write about our short and simple play because it’s just that – it’s so simple to set up, and thoroughly engaging. (Exactly what I am on the look out for).

This collage on sticky-back paper has got to be one of our all time favourite short and simple plays. We have been creating collages on sticky-back paper ever since N&M were toddlers. Now Miss K is reveling in her own sticky-back paper collages.

How to set up for sticky-back paper collages:

You’ll need some sticky-back paper (or as we call it here in Australia, contact paper); sticky tape or masking tape, collections of bits and bobs of your choice to collage.

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Remove the sticky-back paper from its’ paper backing. Using the masking tape or sticky tape, adhere the sticky-back paper to a surface of your choice, e.g. horizontally on a table, or vertically on a wall or window.

Provide your child with a collection of materials to create their collage with. I have used a handful of things our bits and bobs box.

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Miss K loved creating her collage – to stick stuff onto the sticky-back paper, only to remove them, and rearrange them then remove them again. With her, the possibilities were endless.

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Miss K was having such a great time that her older brothers cottoned on to this playful space. They started to create collages too and brought extra materials to create with. They loved adding stickers to their collage. M created some robots and drew in some facial features using our extra chunky crayons.

If you wanted to keep the final collage, simply add another layer of sticky-back paper on top of the existing layer to seal it all up.

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K: 18 months
E: 2 years 11 months
N&M: 5 years
May 2013
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