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E is my current toddler-in-residence.

Only a year ago he happily sat wherever we plopped him.

Now, his little feet take him where his curiousity wills, which has been to the art & craft table.


Set up the invitation to play with block printing:

Toddlers innately want to explore the world around them. They’re figuring out cause and effect relationships. When doing arts and crafts with them, expose them to as many different materials and processes as possible.


Place a variety of small dishes with different coloured paints and blocks on the table.

Vary the paints each day. Use different colours. Use paints with or without glitter. Offer thick or thin paint.

Use different kinds of paper. You can use plain, coloured or textured paper. Don’t forget to use three dimensional mediums like boxes or rocks for variety.


Helpful things to remember when doing arts and crafts with toddlers:

It’s about the process, not the product.

Step back and let him do the whole project himself.

Repeat experiences are invaluable so resist the urge to pack things away.

What about block printing for older children?

To extend the activity for Big Brothers N and M, we explored the beginnings of patterns and algebra with block printing.


E: 2 years
N & M: 4 years
July 2012
Lessons Learnt Journal
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