Crisis reveals character.

A true story: a tragic illness suddenly strikes a healthy 30 year old woman. She is a wife, a mother of three young children, a loved friend, a wonderful blogger.

It has been three months since the tragedy happened. She is fighting hard to get back home; but recently she encountered some setbacks that have placed her rehabilitation back to the beginning. She still can’t speak to her husband and kids.

Her family are fighting on too.

Crisis reveals character.

I was fortunate enough to have the privilege to interview Kerry in June, before all this happened. I sat on the interview for awhile because life got busy. Then I heard about Kerry and her family. I wanted very much to let them know of Kerry’s interview, but I knew they had important battles to fight; so I sat on the interview a bit longer.

This Saturday, on the 24th November, New Mum Online has organised a coordinated time for people to send their prayers and positive thoughts for Kerry. With the wave of positive thoughts heading to Kerry and her family, and after some correspondence with Emma, (Kerry’s Science Sparks partner), I think now is a good time to share Kerry’s interview.

I can only imagine how hard this battle is for Kerry and her family. I hope Kerry’s interview, her ABCs of Me, provides them with some encouragement.

The ABCs of Me: Meet the bloggers behind the blogs.

Kerry is Multiple Mummy. With a tagline, “because eight arms are never enough!”, it was blog love at first sight. I love Multiple Mummy’s honest and down-to-earth insights into a family life.

Kerry is also part of the Science Sparks duo that is Kerry and Emma. Science Sparks,  is an amazing science teaching resource. It does a brilliant job engaging children in investigating, exploring and understanding the world through science.


Kerry (left) & Emma (right)

Kerry from Multiple Mummy & Science Sparks


  • Age: 30
  • Bed: Size King
  • Chore that you hate: Ironing!
  • Dogs: None at the moment sadly
  • Essential start to the day: Tea!
  • Favorite colour: Red
  • Gold or silver: Silver
  • Height: 5ft 3 inches
  • Instrument you play: None really
  • Job: Science Teacher by Trade by currently a stay at Home Mum – childcare costs are crazy!
  • Ages and names of kids: I have BB who is nearly 4 and Little Madam who is 2 and half and Chilled out boy who is two and half – (twins!)
  • Where do you Live : UK
  • Favourite Movie: Shawshank redemption
  • Nickname: Wren
  • Overnight hospital stay: for labour!
  • Pet Peeve: People that park in parent and child spaces without children
  • Quote:
  • Right or left handed: Right
  • Siblings: I have one brother and one sister
  • Time it takes you to get ready: 20 mins
  • Underwear: Always matching if I can
  • Vegetable you hate: Carrots!
  • What makes you run late: Kids!
  • Xrays you’ve had: One of my foot – it was fine!
  • Yummy food that you make : Cakes and biscuits. I love baking!
  • Zoo animal: Giraffe


Meet other bloggers behind the blogs.

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