“I can do silent reading Mum,” says N (5yo) “but I can’t read out loud. I want to read out loud”. My son, N is in preschool and is ever so keen to learn to read.

Phonics Play Printable CVC Stamp It Game via Lessons Learnt Journal

I’m all for reading real books for real purposes. I also believe that learning to read is not a “natural” process; children need to be explicitly taught the various sounds and the symbols that represent them. So, I’m that sort of teacher that will surround kids with books and print, but I will also have my basal readers and fluency tests nearby.

The most important skill in early reading is the ability to read single words completely, accurately, and fluently. Phonics helps kids read single words out of context by giving them the tools to sound words out, which helps them read and comprehend text. Phonics is not the only skill they need to master in order to read, but it is one of the skills.

This Printable CVC Stamp It Game is a simple way to introduce CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words to beginning readers.

To Play:

Print off the two game sheets. I have included the ‘at’ game sheets that we have used, and also blank versions of the game sheets for other cvc words (e.g. ‘en'; ‘ug'; ‘ot'; ‘ig’ and ‘ox’ cvc words).

CVC at words via Lessons Learnt JournalCVC at words beginning sounds via Lessons Learnt Journal
Phonics Play Printable CVC Stamp It Game Template via Lessons Learnt JournalPhonics Play Printable CVC Stamp It Game Beginning Sounds via Lessons Learnt Journal

Following the arrows and working your way along the path, stamp different first consonants to each CVC word box on the Printable CVC Stamp It Game sheet. We used these Ready2Learn Alphabet/Numbers Combo Set – CE6818 stamps. They are great for N and M who are also keen to learn how to write their letters. Practicing the shapes of letters helps them associate how each letter looks, which is a necessary part to learning how each sounds.

Phonics Play Printable CVC Stamp It Game via Lessons Learnt Journal 02

Practice blending each CVC word as you go along the path, and when the path is finished, celebrate with a stamp or sticker.

Phonics Play Printable CVC Stamp It Game via Lessons Learnt Journal 03

Here are some variations to the game:

  • Before giving the game to the child, write the first consonants with white crayon or using a candle, and have them paint over it with watercolour to reveal the cvc word.
  • Instead of stamping the first consonant, simply write it in.
  • Use stickers with different letters to fill in the first consonants. 
  • Cut out each single consonants on the game sheet with all the single consonants, and use those letters on the stamp it game sheet.
  • For extra practice, every time you make a new cvc word, say the new word, then start at the beginning of the path and re-read all the cvc words leading up to the new word.

More Activities for Preschoolers

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N&M: 5 years, 4 months
Sept 2013
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